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Spectrolyzer was developed out of the need for scientists and researchers to analyse and easily extract valuable information from mass spectrometry datasets in proteomics.

Spectrolyzer P for MALDI

  • Importing many different MS data formats is possible
  • Spectrolyzer is a complete MS pre-processing tool and does not require any other software like Matlab or R to help out with standard data processing
  • Partially preprocessed MS spectra can be easily exported and further analyzed using e.g. external software

A Software package for MALDI-based label-free quantitative proteomics

Spectrolyzer can perform all stages of processing required for analyzing large sets of MALDI data. The software contains the following preprocessing methods:

  • normalization,
  • baseline subtraction,
  • Savitzky-Golay filtering,
  • peak detection,
  • peak merging,
  • binning.

Thereafter, Spectrolyzer is able to perform different statistical analyses, e.g. build diagnostic models and detect features which best discriminate between two different groups of samples (control samples and disease samples).

In collaboration with renowned research groups, e.g. Professor Kaj Blennow (from Sahlgrenska University Hospital), we have developed a comprehensive set of tools for preprocessing MALDI data. These tools are available in the software Spectrolyzer together with other tools for multivariate statistics.

Statistical analysis

Using Spectrolyzer, raw MALDI data can be prepared for comprehensive statistical analyses. This includes various one- and multi-dimensional data exploration tools as well as advanced multivariate statistical methods. Special emphasis is given to methods supporting biomarker discovery.

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