About the company


Binary Detects first products adresses the fields of medical technology, proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics. Today’s problem in these areas consists of the lack of analysis software that can handle the huge amount of data provided by analytical instruments.

Now we´re extending our adressable market much further by launching our SaaS platform for Big Data analysis.

According to researchers, the body can contain more than 500,000 different kinds of proteins. Proteins are important because they are directly or indirectly involved in all processes that occur in the human body. Therefore, studying the body’s proteins can give us information about what is happening in our body. However, because the body contains so many proteins, protein data from a mass spectrometry instrument also contains a huge amount of information that is impossible to manage properly without the help of specialized and automated software tools such as Spectrolyzer developed by Binary Detect.

Proteomics, the knowledge of what proteins are found in the body’s cells is a relatively new research area that has grown enormously in recent years. Metabolomics, the knowledge of what metabolites are found in the body’s cells is an even newer research area. Mass spectrometry instruments are used today in both areas, and Binary Detect software Spectrolyzer was been customized for both.

Now that the body’s genes have been mapped and it has been discovered that the genes of the body cannot help us diagnose diseases at an early stage, the research front has rapidly shifted to the area of proteomics and metabolomics.

The market for proteomics is big but the market for Big Data analysis is huge!