About the company


Tobias PerssonChairman of the Board

Tobias holds a number of degrees: M.Sc. in computer systems engineering, B.Sc. in embedded systems, B.Sc. in electrical engineering and B.Sc. in information and communication technology. He has over 10-year experience in hardware and software development.

Karl HillgårdBoard Member

Karl has studied entrepreneurial economics at Lund’s University. He has been involved in various entrepreneurial ventures. At the beginning of 2006 he became a shareholder and a board member of Binary Detect. He became CEO and Business Controller of Binary Detect in the beginning of 2011.

Michal LysekBoard Member

Michal is a specialist in computer systems engineering. He holds a M.Sc. in intelligent systems, a B.Sc. in embedded systems and a B.Sc. in electronic engineering. He has over a decade experience in hardware and software development.