About the company

Binary Detect is a Swedish software company that develops cutting-edge tools for quantitative analysis of Big Data, utilizing efficient and easy-to-use Machine Learning (ML) paradigms.

Binary Detect AB (publ) har ansökt om konkurs.

Anledningen till konkursen är att bolaget inte lyckats lösa finansieringen enligt styrselns plan.

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About the company

Binary Detect originated as a university research project with international collaboration between faculties and industry to solve the big unmet need for quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry data, focusing on proteomic and metabolic biomarker discovery. Those data sets are truly huge. The software is mostly utilized in cancer research and neurodegenerative disease research.

The software suite with its Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms have also attracted interest from industry and medical applications. Collaboration is ongoing with promising results. We try to combine Ease of Use with new possibilities.

Binary Detect successfully launched its first product focusing on bioinformatics and offering software tools for protein analysis based on mass spectrometry data. Mass spectrometry is used to a large extent within cancer research, Alzheimer research, Multiple Sclerosis research, and more. 50% of all medicines and vaccines today are based on proteins. The amount of Data to analyse is huge and the researchers came to us. It was a bottle neck for them and a good place for us to start. Now we are taking it one step further!

Analyzing proteins in biological tissue is a very special and complex challenge. The amounts of data are so huge that the analysis phase itself becomes a bottleneck. In line with having more powerful computers and software available, the research community can now obtain important information about the role of proteins in biological processes.

Our software goes under the brand name Spectrolyzer, and it originates from the university world, both in Sweden and through international collaboration. In total, the software consists of 2 179 093 lines of code, which illustrates the size of the project. The company’s competence lies in the development of advanced algorithms in the areas of bioinformatics, neural networks, statistics, intelligent systems, and data mining.

Metabolomics is another area of bioinformatics that Binary Detect focuses on. The algorithms in Spectrolyzer are well suited for metabolite analysis based on mass spectrometry data. Proteomics, the knowledge of what proteins are found in the body’s cells is a relatively new research area that has grown enormously in recent years. Metabolomics, the knowledge of what metabolites are found in the body’s cells is an even newer research area. Mass spectrometry instruments are used today in both areas, and Binary Detect’s software Spectrolyzer was been customized for both.