Cutting-edge tools for quantitative analysis of Big Data

Binary Detect AB (publ) har ansökt om konkurs.

Anledningen till konkursen är att bolaget inte lyckats lösa finansieringen enligt styrselns plan.

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This is Binary Detect

Binary Detect is a Swedish software company that develops cutting-edge tools for quantitative analysis of Big Data, utilizing efficient and easy-to-use Machine Learning (ML) paradigms.

Our product suite is the result of a unique collaboration between university faculties and industry. The mission was to make analysis of the huge quantity of mass spectrometry data more effective, focusing on proteomic and metabolic biomarker discovery.

Our algorithms supports various machine learning paradigms and they have been made into an easy-to-use product suite. The company is expanding with existing (ML) algorithms into ao industrial and medical device solutions. Big data analytics is an extremely powerful tool with virtually endless uses.

First launched product

Spectrolyzer product suite is a professional tool for comprehensive statistical evaluation of LC-MS data. The analyses have a high degree of complexity to them.

Mass spectrometry
Mass spectrometry is an essential analytical technique for high-throughput analysis in proteomics and metabolomics. Not being able to properly analyze the massive amounts of data provided by this technique is currently often the bottleneck for experimental studies.

Spectrolyzer combines a large set of data processing, data exploration and data mining techniques with a rich set of statistical evaluation methods and a comprehensive amount of features for statistical presentation and visualization of results It consists of a series of models based on more than seventy algorithms.


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